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Deliver automated customer support and sales conversions with chatbots using REVE Chat’s AI powered live chat platform

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zero coding requires with REVE Chat's AI BotZero Coding

Build your own chatbots with zero coding efforts and start engaging your website visitors with REVE Chat.

live chat and ai chatbotsLive Chat + Bots

Give your visitors the best of both worlds, with bots managing FAQs & support agents manage complex chats.

Automatic support using chatbotAutomate Support

With chatbots, you can automate your customer support by 24×7 and reduce issues managed by live agents.

quality leads generation through the best chatbotsQualify Leads

Convert your website visitors into qualified leads automatically and transfer them to your sales team.

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Scale your customer support with human touch

Automate your customer support and boost user satisfaction with AI chatbot and live chat platform

chatbot supportSupport FAQs

Train your bots with the frequently asked support related queries by the customers. Engage your customers with bots and make chat conversations quick and effective.

human handoverFallback Options

Fallback scenarios pops up when the bot fails to identify the user’s input giving multiple options using triggers or surveys for a seamless conversation if the bot is not able to respond.

visual flow builderVisual Flow Builder

Identify your core business objectives and use case so that your team can build customer support, sales, marketing, or appointment booking bot instantly without any coding skills.

lead qualificationsSentiment Analysis

Understand your customer emotions and respond accurately to deliver higher satisfaction. Sentiment analysis helps to personalize the bots performance by harnessing historical customer data.

bookings and orderingsData Sanitization

Sanitize your unstructured data into structured one so that chatbots deliver accurate responses. Data cleansing trains the bot to improve performance and boost experience.

bot analyticsBot Analytics

Analyze all the conversations handled by your bot like total conversations, handovers. Measure the accuracy of the responses with the help of right bot analytics to grow your business.

Qualify your leads anytime with sales bots

Design lead qualification bots to drive your sales and focus your efforts on complex issues 

Qualify leads on your chatbot website automatically

Qualify leads on your website automatically

Chatbots generate more qualified leads automatically by answering visitors questions, changing the replies based on user behavior.

Grow your sales conversions, 24/7

Deliver 24×7 instant support with chatbots to handle all customer queries equally to boost sales & lead generation of your business.

Answer your FAQs with REVE Chat's best ai chatbot

Reduce your help desk support tickets

Let chatbot effortlessly handle all the information based conversations on the first go. It helps to reduce common help desk tickets and focus your team to work on more important support issues.

Answer your FAQs with support bot

Provide instant answers to all the support related questions and connect them with your knowledge base including answers to common customer queries or transfer them to the correct agent for assistance.

get support from REVE Chat's best chatbot

Create your own AI chatbots with no coding

Design and build your chatbot for your business to deliver seamless sales and customer support experience.

Autopilot your customer conversations our AI chatbot platform

Make your customer conversations on autopilot with AI chatbots

Let chatbots do the work and manage your customer conversations 24×7 whether you are available or not

build-your-own-flowBuild your Bot Flow

Build and customize your bot design as per your business needs. With zero coding, allow your team to create their own bot and put it to work in no time for better customer engagement.

scale-your-teamEasy Scalability

Let chatbots handle a higher volume of conversation without impacting support performance. You can easily scale your sales and customer support efforts by deploying bots to work for you 24×7.

customer-support-automationHuman Handover

Let your bots handle the basic and repetitive queries and route the complex conversations to the right agent/department to deliver faster responses in the first contact. 

self-learning-botsBulk ML Training

Import all the general FAQs and answers to train your chatbot. Training the bot helps to deliver faster and effective answers to the customers that improves the overall accuracy.

CRM integrationsAppointment Scheduling 

Ease appointment booking for your customers without human intervention by deploying chatbots. Help them to self schedule and enhances your overall customer experience. 

advanced reportingAdvanced Reporting

Advanced reporting helps to learn the bot performance with metrics like first response time, average resolution time to identify clients metrics like total visitors, missed chats.

Chatbots & Live chat: Best of both worlds

Deliver personalized conversations at scale with a right mix of chatbots and human touch in one integrated platform

Boost customer satisfaction with REVE Chat's best ai chatbot

Boost customer satisfaction

Bots easily interpret customer’s queries and offer quick replies that make them satisfied. Getting their basic questions answered immediately by a chatbot improves your customers’ satisfaction.

Book your sales meetings

REVE Chat’s chatbots connect to your sales team’s to check availability and book meetings automatically once the lead is qualified.

Humanize your chatbot support with live chat

Deliver the best chat conversational experience

Bots respond accurately to the inputs of the customers and deliver authentic conversational experience. Route chats to a human rep at the right time in order to deliver humanized support to the complex queries.

Humanize your chatbot support with live chat

Bots can provide answer flawlessly and offer smart solutions by interpreting customers queries easily. If bots are unable to understand any query it will be routed to the best human representative.

Humanize your conversational ai bot support with live chat

Automate your sales and close more deals with chatbots

Engage with your website visitors with targeted messaging and qualify leads

24×7 at scale with sales bots

Best chatbot software for websites

Empower your sales and support teams with power of AI chatbots to have conversations with visitors, answer questions and qualified leads in real time

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