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Video Chat Software

Video & voice chat softwareLive Engagement

Interact directly with customers on the website or mobile apps in real time with live video chat solution.

video and voice chat recordingVideo Recordings

Empower your team with video recordings to monitor chats for better productivity and quality assurance.

Mobile SDKVideo SDK

Add live video chat to your iOS and Android apps by using REVE Chat’s mobile SDK.

video chat and co-browsing for customer supportCo-Browsing

Collaborate with your customers in real time to resolve issues faster by combining live video chat.

Video chat with your customers for live customer service on websites or apps


Improve your website and mobile experience with video chat

Assist your customers in real time across website and mobile apps. Connect with your customers instantly with video chat and voice chat to deliver prompt support

Live video chatLive Chat

Connect with your online customers for real time sales and support assistance. Assure faster resolutions with video chat software that helps in converting website visitors to loyal customers.
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Screen sharingVideo Recordings

Allow your support team to record the voice and video conversations for quality assurance. The chat recordings can be used for training your agents to deliver outstanding customer support.

video chat softwareDeveloper API

Integrate REVE Chat Developer API and engage with your customers. Deliver real time support assistance to them with video and voice chat to enhance the customer experience.
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video chat for better omnichannel supportOmnichannel Support

Be where your customers are to deliver an integrated experience. Streamline conversations across all channels and engage customers with video chat and co-browsing to deliver consistent support.

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video chat softwareVisitor Notes

Leave internal comments for other agents to review the conversation and follow up. Adding notes provides insights for internal reference and enhances customer support conversations.

customer analytics for voice & video chatCustomer Analytics

Gain valuable insights about your customer journey to engage them better with video chat. Analytics helps you support customers proactively and improves sales conversions.
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Personalize your customer engagement with scalable voice and video chat solution

Deliver live support across your entire customer journey with voice & video chat, co-browsing, and live chat

Video and voice chat

Faster resolution time

Identify your customer issues in the first go and deliver real time solutions with video and voice chat solutions. Reduce the number of touchpoints drastically in the first go itself.

Offer personalized voice and video sessions

Face-to-face chat encourages personalized conversations that build credibility. Video & voice chat instantly connects with customers and save them from dropping out.

Build deeper relationships

Strengthen customer relationships by exceeding their expectations with faster solutions via personalized conversations. Video chat software assures real time communication that enhances business connections.

Boost your sales conversions

Learn your customer issues effectively with the best video chat software. A significant increase in the first call resolution and a reduction in average call handling times increases sales conversions.

video chat software for real time assistance

Powering modern customer communication with live video chat solution

video chat solution

Bring customers closer and boost engagement with live video chat

Power your customer with video chat and co-browsing tools to interact with an in-person experience


Customize the look & feel of your live chat widget to match your website branding. Help your visitors to navigate your website with personalized welcome messages followed by business information.

Team productivityTeam Productivity

Improve team efficiency with video chat, live chat, and co-browsing software. Enhance your first response time, boosts customer satisfaction, and increase the overall customer service experience.
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Trusted DomainsTrusted Domains

Allow specific domains that are authorized and authentic for live chat conversations. Filter out the junk conversations effectively by creating a list of trusted domains.

Canned ResponsesCanned Responses

Create predefined answers for the FAQs to deliver faster and consistent responses. Canned responses help to speed up conversations by sending instant answers and improve agents’ productivity. 

Auto TriggersAuto Triggers

Target your website visitors with personalized proactive chat triggers at the right time to boost conversions. Customize your customer engagement by sending automatic invitations based on demography.

Intelligent routingIntelligent Routing

Route the chats automatically across the right teams to deliver effective information to your customers. Deliver a better support experience to your website visitors by efficient chat distribution.

Video chat software for live customer support

REVE Chat provides a complete suite of live engagement tools to deliver instant customer service with voice and video calling

video chat and co-browsing for customer support

Remote support on the go

Provide online remote support to your customers at a single click anytime anywhere. Control your customer’s browser with live engagement tools and make conversations effective and meaningful.

Product demos for customer onboarding

Render comprehensive details about your product features & functionalities with live video chat. Product demos help customers in making buying decisions that have a positive impact on conversions.

Develop trust and loyalty

Using voice and video chat for interactions allows having friendly conversations that strengthen the bond with customers. Happy customers turn to be loyal customers with higher lifetime value (LTV).

Efficient team management

Significantly improve your team productivity KPIs by using video chat for customer service. Live video chat helps in reducing the number of touchpoints by improving first contact resolution.

Personalize conversations with video chat

Video and voice calling solution for conversational customer support

Give your website visitors and customers a better way to engage with REVE Chat’s voice and video chat platform

Best customer experience starts with
personalized relationships

Onboard your customers and help them to navigate your
solution with video chat solution

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