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Deliver best customer experience with REVE Chat’s multi channel online live chat software solution for websites and apps

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Collaborate and interact with the browser of your customers and assist them in real time.

Screen sharingScreen Sharing

Interact with customers by sharing the screen and deliver better live chat experience.

Video & voice callsVideo Chat

Enrich client conversations with video chat directly on website & apps at a single click.

Omnichannel platformOmnichannel Platform

Streamline conversations across all channels under one platform to deliver a consistent support. 

AI powered live chat solution trusted by businesses around the globe


Provide effortless customer communication with website live chat

Engage and support your customers in real time with best website chat tools all in one place

Department ManagementDepartment Management

Connect your customers to the right departments for faster resolution. Manage departments based on needs to distribute chats across teams for efficient performance.

Messaging AppsMessaging Apps

Deliver a consistent experience across the website, social media, mobile, and messaging apps with a multi-channel live chat solution and boost your customer experience. 
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Visitor NotesVisitor Notes

Provide your sales and support team extra details about your website visitors. Drive the chances of sales and increase your business revenue with REVE Chat’s web chat software.

Intelligent RoutingIntelligent Routing

Deliver an efficient live chat performance with advanced routing rules for your agents. Give visitors a better experience by connecting intelligently with the right team.

Customization & BrandingCustomization & Branding

Modify the look & feel of your live chat widget as per your preference to match your website branding. Set personalized welcome greetings to engage website visitors better.

Trusted DomainsTrusted Domains

Manage specific domains that are authorized for chat conversations. Restrict access to all the unauthorized domains by creating a list of trusted domains.

Deliver top-notch customer experience with conversational
live chat software platform

Engage with your customers on website, messengers or mobile app with the complete live chat software

Multichannel customer support

Multichannel customer support

Streamline your customer support across channels such as website, mobile apps, social media and messaging apps to deliver an omni channel experience. Unify your customer service under one platform and improve your customer support metrics.

Improve your online sales conversions

Help your customers with right messages at right time based on their journey and boost your online conversation. Live chat software also helps to provide 24×7 sales assistance to close more leads and generate sales.

Never miss insights with live chat analytics

REVE Chat’s advanced analytics provide all live chat and team performance metrics at your fingertips. Stay on top of your game with real-time insights about your live chat performance and visitor analytics in your dashboard.

Video chat with your customers

With voice and video chat resolve customer queries in real time and improve customer experience. Deliver the best live chat software experience improve customer satisfaction and build long-lasting relationships.

Assist customer in real time

Customer conversations made easy with the live chat software
platform for websites and apps

live chat

How to use the web chat software platform for online sales
and customer support?

REVE Chat’s online live chat software solution streamlines your sales, support and
customer engagement under one platform

Live ChatWebsite Live Chat

Engage and retain customers by providing real-time assistance using REVE Chat’s online live chat software for websites. Get detailed insights about your website visitors journey.

Facebook messengerFacebook Messenger

Allow customers reach out to you via Facebook channel. Manage both direct messages and comments from your Facebook business page by using REVE Chat’s live chat integration.
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Skype messenger botChatbot

Automate your support with a 24×7 chatbot to engage customers instantly when your team is not available to reduce number of support tickets and increase user satisfaction.
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Messaging appsMessaging Apps

Engage your users across messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp BusinessViber and Telegram under one platform to manage your  support from a single dashboard.

Automated TriggersAutomated Triggers

Connect with your customers with the right messages at right time. Send personalized messages based on visitor’s journey and the pages and proactively engage with them. 

 Chat API Chat API

REVE Chat’s robust API and SDKs allow you to integrate live chat support inside your mobile apps for delivering in-app chat support and boost your user engagement.
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Conversational support made easy with online live chat software

Deliver seamless customer experience across multiple channels with
REVE Chat’s online website live chat software for businesses

Collaboration with visual engagement tools

Collaboration with visual engagement tools

Deliver better contextual support with visual tools like co-browsing and video chat. Businesses can collaborate with customers on website or mobile apps to increase customer engagement.

Real-time engagement and conversion

REVE Chat’s live chat software allows businesses to engage through meaningful conversations and convert customers during their buying journey.

Faster Customer onboarding

Help customers to onboard faster via video chat, co-browsing tools with REVE Chat’s multi-channel online live chat software. Assist them to learn your products or services better inside your app.

Live chat customization

REVE Chat provides powerful options to customize your live chat widget to match your brand and website style. Give your live chat widget a face with customized branding, greetings and messages.

Onboard your customers with personalized walkthroughs

live chat solution that scales as you grow

REVE Chat’s live chat solution integrates with business apps you use daily to provide real time

Best live chat software for effortless online
sales and customer support

Provide real-time sales and support assistance to your website visitors and customers
using REVE Chat’s online live chat software

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