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Respond to your website visitors and customers anywhere anytime with REVE Chat’s live chat applications for mobile and web

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respond on the go with reve chat live chat appLive chat

Chat with your website visitors and customers and deliver excellent real time support with live chat apps.

deliver real time support with live chat appChatbots

Leverage AI enabled chatbots to engage users 24×7 and deliver prompt responses to commonly asked queries.

live engagement using live chat applicationsLive engagement

Resolve your website visitors and customers’ queries in real time with video & voice chat and co-browsing.

live chat app provides omni channel supportOmnichannel support

Provide unified support in real time to all the customer conversations over the website or Facebook messenger.

Support your customers on the go with live chat apps


Live chat application for sales and customer support

Power your sales and customer support with live engagement tools using REVE Chat’s
live chat application for website and mobile

live video chatVideo chat

Interact directly with your customers right inside your website or mobile apps in real time and deliver personalized support. Live video chat app provides effective support and reduces customer touchpoints.

reve chat co-browsingCo-browsing

Collaborate with your customers in real time and guide them to navigate through the website or complete a complex checkout process. Lower the resolution time with co-browsing and boost customer satisfaction.

chat surveysChat surveys

Conduct live chat surveys after every conversation by asking them to rate their overall experience. Collect customer feedback to plan strategies to improve the performance of your support team.

Chat RoutingAdvanced routing

Reduce response time by connecting customers to the right team automatically and get the right solution. Routing chats reduce queue time significantly and increase customer satisfaction.

Chat TagsChat tags

 Adding tags to the support tickets and chat sessions helps you to categorize conversations based on the queries. Tags help to organize all customer communication into your REVE Chat account.

visitor trackingVisitors tracking

Easy website visitor tracking with REVE Chat’s live chat app. Track & engage visitors in real time by triggering proactive messages. Engaging customers with meaningful chats boost your live chat sales conversions.

Maximize your sales conversions with Live chat apps 

Deliver instant sales support to convert your visitors into conversions with live chat apps

Secured Live chat

Secured live chat

Manage all your chat conversations and customer data securely across REVE Chat’s web and mobile apps. Where you are on your desk or on the go, your team can support customers in encrypted security with live chat apps.

Book meetings instantly

Schedule your meetings automatically by connecting to your Google calendar. Set your availability and allow customers to choose their preferred time and book meetings quickly.

Manage your conversations across web and mobile

Reach out to your customers across the web and mobile to start a conversation seamlessly. Live chat app helps you to interact with customers to provide real time assistance and increase customer satisfaction.

Connect with website visitors at the right time

Guide your website visitors in real time with live applications and deliver effective support. Make customer interactions visually engaging with video chat and co-browsing software.

Manage your conversations across web and mobile

Get notified instantly with the best live chat apps

Get notified instantly with best live chat apps

Live chat applications for lead generation

Convert your website visitor into leads on the go with REVE Chat’s live chat applications for web and mobile


Seamlessly handle the sales support follow up process for your team members by adding internal comments about your conversation. Visitor notes help with better customer engagement and more sales conversions.

canned responsesCanned responses

Prepare canned replies for the frequently asked questions to deliver faster and consistent responses. Using pre-drafted answers during the chat ensures faster resolution of customer queries.

Trusted DomainsTrusted domains

Manage the specific domains that are trusted or authorized for chat conversations with REVE Chat’s live chat application. Stop your agents from receiving anonymous chats by creating a list of trusted domains.

chat monitoringChat monitoring

View the chat conversations and monitor the effectiveness of your support team in handling chats. Know how promptly they are answering customer’s queries to deliver a superior customer service experience.

Automated TriggersAutomated triggers

Analyze your visitor’s journey to gain insights in order to trigger a right and timely message. Personalized messages help in engaging the customers in a better way and improve the chances of conversions.

visitor banningMobile SDK

Connect with your iOS and Android app users on the go deliver in-app chat support with REVE Chat SDK. Engage with your users by using visual engagement tools in real time.

Ease your customer service with live chat apps

Manage your customer service across website, mobile and messaging
channels anytime with REVE Chat’s mobile apps.

Assist your customers anywhere anytime

Assist customers anywhere anytime

Get in touch with your customers on the go and deliver instant solutions. Make chat conversations effective and deliver superior customer service with best live that support apps.

Track and engage visitors

Gain in-depth details of your website visitors and use the insights to engage them efficiently. Send proactive triggers for real time customer engagement to increase sales conversion.

Powerful integrations

REVE Chat allows instant integration with various tools such as CRM, E-commerce, CMS for easy work automation for customers and increases productivity.

Improve customer experience

Connect with customers across their preferred channels like website, social in real time and deliver unified support under one platform. Keep messaging consistent and effective with the best live chat applications for customer service.

REVE Chat allows instant integration with your favorite tools

Best live chat apps that work anywhere anytime

Deliver real time sales and support assistance with live chat apps, available for iOS and Android mobile platforms

The best live chat Apps for customer support

Deliver real time customer service on the go with best live chat
apps for customer support

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