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Facebook Messenger for social

Lead generationGrow Sales

Acquire more customers with Facebook messenger and comments. Convert your Facebook chats into leads and sales.

Social customer SupportSocial Support

Engage your customers and deliver better social support with Facebook messenger and comments

Omnichannel platformOmni Channel

Communicate with your customers across Facebook comments, messenger and website chat in one place

Brand awarenessBrand Awareness

Turn every conversations on Facebook, across comments and messages, to nurture customer relationships

Expand your customer communication to the world’s largest social network


Unify Your Customer Conversations across Facebook and Website

While your website is the best place for starting conversations with your customers, Facebook Messenger is optimal for staying in touch

Social analyticsSocial analytics

Measure your customer conversations across Facebook messenger channel to measure the team performance and KPIs for social customer support.


Assign appropriate tags to your conversations to better understand your customer’s queries. Provide effective customer support by reaching out to the tagged chats.


Welcome greetings help to build good relationships with customers. Set personalized messages to start conversations in a more engaging and friendlier way.

Visitor NotesChat routing

Route your Facebook messages to the right agents based on your team requirements to improve productivity and reduce your resolution time. Routing also helps to improve the customer service experience.

Omni channel supportDepartment management

Effectively distribute all the chat requests to the agents across the right departments. Provide quick assistance for sales and support queries and boost customer satisfaction. 

Customer analyticsCustomer analytics

Gain insights about your customers to learn more about their behavior to provide better engagement by sending a right, timely personalized message. Engaging customers through meaningful conversations improve sales conversions.

Make social customer service more conversational with Facebook

Give your customers another way to reach to you across Facebook posts and messenger

Multichannel customer support

Built for sales and support on Facebook

REVE Chat adds a suite of support and sales tools on top of Messenger and posts to turn Facebook into a business messenger. Benefit from support and sales features like routing, assignment, status and topic tagging, live translation, analytics and more.

Omni Channel Messaging

Whether its website chat, Viber, Telegram – all customer messages arrive in your REVE Chat inbox, so your team can work without switching between channels..

Social media customer service

While your website is the best place for starting conversations with your customers, Facebook channel is great for building relationships.Combine the power of Facebook posts and messages
and mange their conversations across all social channels in one platform

Effortless Communication

Enhance your Facebook communication across posts ad messenger. With REVE Chat, expanding your customer communication to more messaging channels is seamless.

Assist customer in real time

Social media customer service made easy

live chat

Boost your social engagement with Facebook

Deliver awesome customer service with the Facebook messenger, the largest social media network

Trusted domains Trusted domains

Allow chat access to the specific domains trusted by you. Restrict access to the domains, which are not authorized to stop anyone from misconducts.

Developer APIDeveloper API

Integration of REVE Chat’s Developer API within your apps allows meaningful conversations with your customers. Manage all your customer conversations more productively and efficiently.

In app messaging supportIn-app messaging support

With the integration of REVE Chat in-app messaging support, you can reach users on all channels along with Facebook messenger. Manage sales and support efficiently from a single dashboard.

Skype MessengerSkype Messenger

Handle your customer support on Skype effectively with REVE Chat.  by integrating with your Skype messenger bot.
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Viber messengerViber messenger

Engage with your Viber users for in-app support and drive meaningful conversations using REVE Chat’s integration with Viber messenger.
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Telegram messengerTelegram messenger

Connect with your Telegram messenger users and handle customer support effectively using REVE Chat’s multi-channel messaging platform.
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Facebook messenger for social customer support

REVE Chat’s omni channel messaging platform allows you to grow, engage
and support your customers across social media

Collaboration with visual engagement tools

Deliver customer support across social media

Grow your business by providing customer support over social media channels to answer customer queries instantly. Reach out to your customers across their preferred channels and improve customer experience.

Learn more about Facebook Messenger for Social Customer Support – How it works?

Measure your social media performance

Understand and engage with your customers with Facebook messages. Measure your social customer support performance on Facebook with key metrics such as first response time and total conversations.

Respond faster to your customers

Assist your customers with instant solutions to their queries by responding on their preferred channel. Use canned messages for the frequently asked questions to save time and answer customer queries faster.

Build customer loyalty

Deepen relationships with customers through right assistance and support over desired channels. Make your business feel more direct and personal to your customers through Facebook messages.

Onboard your customers with personalized walkthroughs

Integrate Facebook messenger into your social
customer care strategy

REVE Chat allows managing customer queries over their preferred social media
channels and make customer support effective

Best customer experience starts with
personalized relationships

Onboard your customers and help them to navigate your
solution with video chat solution

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